Calling out Bullies in the Workplace

Amid the chaos that has been our federal political scene, the allegations of bullying in the workplace have been once again, brought to the fore. But where does “robust debate” and “management style” cross the line to become bullying behaviour?

Bullying IS a subjective term but can be summed up as any behaviour that causes the recipient(s) to feel intimidated and / or compromised in the undertaking of their work duties. Bullying behaviour may consist of:

  • Threat of dismissal
  • An implied negative consequence for career opportunities
  • Public ridicule for an action or belief
  • Exclusion from meetings that may ordinarily have been attended
  • “Jokes” at the expense of an individua or group.

Bullying is NOT OK in the workplace (or anywhere else) and is subject to Fair Employment Laws and action. If you feel you have been bullied, make a note of the circumstances, comments and any other person present and report as soon as possible to the relevant authority within the company.

Would you know what to do within your company if you are bullied?

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