Social Media – Are you shutting the door on your career before it even starts?

Your CV looks fantastic, your new suit fits perfectly, and your interview technique is polished, but you are still not landing the job. Ever thought your social media profile may be the problem?

Increasingly, potential employers are using social media to pre-screen candidates or evaluating suitability for promotion. In a perfect world what you do in your time is your business and should have no impact on your career- IT DOES. It may not seem fair, but it IS LEGAL.

Candidates who are routinely associated with drunken binges, racist rants, aggressive behaviour or extreme views may be deemed to not be suitable for that workplace.

Think carefully not only about what YOU post, but anything in which you are tagged… social media has the reach of an octopus! Are your privacy settings tight?

Have you considered adopting a nickname for social media? Perhaps it is even time to distance yourself from those dead-beats mates who are not as career focussed as you are.

Social media is a great way to communicate- just stop and ask what message you are sending out.

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