Teenagers are you looking for a Job?

With Christmas around the corner, stores are now advertising and training staff before the Christmas rush. These jobs are a great opportunity for teenagers to get some fabulous work experience as well as some extra cash.

What you may be lacking in work experience a well-presented resume and a happy and eager personality will go a long way.

Check out our tips to help get you started:


  • Have a résumé ready – one page is more than enough. Try and include leadership roles at school, plus involvement with out of school activities- e.g.  Sporting clubs, Scouts, Drama Groups.
  • Be to the point. Use bullet points to highlight standout achievements
  • Make sure you include an email address that is professional “lifesux@…….” does not give a good first impression does it? Just use your first name & surname.
  • Does your mobile have message bank? If not, install it – NOW! Make your message clear and work appropriate. Don’t use “Hi, you know what to do”. A hiring manager or recruiter will – they will hang up and hire someone else!


  • Get your résumé out there! Print copies and drop them into shopping centres / retailers or search online.
  • Ask to speak to the Manager / Hiring Manager, try and choose the right time of day when its not too busy.
  • Dress as though you are going for the interview – appearance matters
  • Be confident – the worst that can happen is to receive a polite “No”
  • Remember to say, “Thank you”!


  • Be interview ready – get your hair cut, have an interview outfit clean, ironed and ready to go
  • Find out a bit about the business prior to interview
  • Be punctual – aim to be around 5 minutes early. Wait outside if you are too early, busy people have busy schedules
  • Smile and relax during your interview. Make sure when you do get the job, that you live up to your employer’s expectations.


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