Juggling Interviews

Congratulations!   Your applications are hitting the mark and you are being invited to interviews. Multiple interviews. The challenge is how to juggle those interviews :

  • Try to be flexible. Potential employers understand that you are working and will try to accommodate before and after hours interviews where possible but remember coordinating schedules is not always easy.
  • Record interview details in your calendar – Know when, where and whom you are meeting. Where possible consult LinkedIn or other sites to do some background research of your own.
  • Plan your trip. Make sure you know where you need to go and allow for delays!
  • Timelines. Feel confident in asking the interviewer about their interview process and expected decision timelines.
  • Be honest. If you have or genuinely expect to receive an offer for another role, let the interviewer know, especially if theirs is the preferred opportunity.

Having a win-win outcome is what its all about…. right!

New opportunity here I come.


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