When Do I Ask About the Salary?

This is one of the trickiest questions for candidates. Ask too early and run the risk of appearing too bold or not ask and find the $$$ don’t match your experience. Confused? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Set a minimum salary level when searching for roles on Seek. Even if the salary is not advertised, a salary range MUST be included. If your bottom line is $80K, set the minimum bar around $75K.
  • Ask for confirmation of salary range and location at the phone screening stage- you may save yourself time and possible disappointment
  • Ask the Recruiter- A good Consultants should include salary expectations as part of the screening process. If they don’t ask, make sure you do (see above).
  • If salary has not been raised during an interview, try asking about the “advantages or benefits of working for Company X”. This may prompt a discussion with the potential employer and is a softer approach.
  • When the potential employer talks about making an offer, try asking “what would that offer consist of?”

While timing is important, the approach is what really counts. You may LOVE what you do, but in the end, you ARE looking to paid for your expertise.

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