5 Actions to Get Your Career Moving

Feeling stuck – no matter how hard you work your career just seems to be going nowhere? You know it is time to take charge and get your career moving again, but where do you start? We share 5 possible actions you can take to boost your career stakes.

Skills audit -You may have had the skills for the job way back when you started but are they still as relevant today? Have you kept pace with technology? A refresher course may be a worthwhile investment for your career prospects.

Take it to the next level- Do you have the key criteria to advance to the next level? A step up in responsibility will usually be accompanied by additional management requirements. Why not talk to your HR team about professional learning and development courses that may be suitable. Most companies have a training budget and is a great way to develop your skills repertoire.

Sharpen your image – Take a critical look in the mirror. How do your colleagues and managers see you? You may be a great person, the life and soul of the team, but would they take you seriously in a leadership role? A smart new look and driven attitude will certainly change other people’s perception of you.

Make your career aspirations known – Have you discussed your career aspirations with your manager and the HR team? Make an appointment to discuss your options and do your homework before hand. Understand the business structure and any outside factors that may have an impact on opportunities for promotion. Why not ask if there are any special projects that you could be included in?

Be prepared to move on- Sometimes the only way to progress your career is in a new organisation. Make sure you have your CV updated and ready to send. Do your research and have a clear and reasonable salary expectation range and put together several examples your experience and value you would add to your new company.

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