Resigning With Style

Go on admit it – who hasn’t dreamed of walking into the office on a Monday morning loudly proclaiming “I ‘m outta here”! Tempting as this may sound, the way you approach handing in your resignation is critical. Below are a few key pointers to help you:

• Always resign in person, and if possible to your immediate manager. Don’t take the cheats way over the phone and never, ever by text message or email.

• Prepare a short, professional resignation letter. Remember to include the effective date and/or your expected last day at work with the company.

• Remember to thank your manager / company for the opportunity provided and to wish them well in the future.

• While you are not required to advise where you will be working, be mindful that if you heading to a direct competitor, the company may have a “gardening leave” policy and would finish you on the spot. This is particularly true of sales roles, so remove personal belongings particularly from a company vehicle.

• Don’t be tempted to sneak information – not only will you be breaking your contract, but your new company may doubt your professional integrity.

• Don’t burn any bridges- you never know what the future holds!

Almost everyone is nervous when handing in their resignation. Just take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and quit with style. A new adventure awaits….

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