Normal Transmission Has Resumed

The election is over! Thank goodness- now we can get back to business as usual. Contrary to the divide & conquer theme that plagued both the official and lead-up to the election, as Australians we can count ourselves incredibly lucky. We have a stable form of government that is accountable; we have an excellent health system that treats us on the basis of need and not according to our bank balances, our schools are staffed by dedicated individuals, our emergency services are on call when we need them, and we continue to enjoy freedom of choice. Most importantly, we have sent a clear message – our democracy is not for sale. We are the lucky country.

While there were differences in policies, when we woke up on Sunday morning, nothing had radically changed. The sun still rose in the east and set in the west, our favourite sporting teams either won or lost and we were free to go about our lives. Normal transmission had resumed.

As we all settle back into the work week, the wheels of industry will continue to turn, generating wealth for us as a nation. Employers will continue to employ staff; employees will continue to deliver on productivity. Each of us, both individually and collectively will continue to work hard to provide for our families and our futures. We ask for the Government to act on behalf of us all, but nothing is stopping us from taking the initiative to make our slice of Australia a better place to live. We can work harder, we can be more compassionate, we can take responsibility for climate change.

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