Cold & Flu Season at Work

it is time to start thinking about how you can manage the “cold & ‘flu” season in your workplace. With cooler nights, those nasty lurgies that are so easily shared start to present, slowly but inevitably leading to the need for sick leave among your staff.

So, what is your “action plan” in your workplace? Many employers are proactive in encouraging staff to have an annual ‘flu shot before the season commences in earnest, covering the cost of the vaccine for their staff. Depending on the size of your workplace, it is even possible to arrange for nurse to hold vaccination sessions during business hours.

Stock up on tissues and sanitising hand wash pumps, placing these visibly and readily throughout the office. Get creative with some posters encouraging appropriate work-place hygiene – you could even run a slogan competition amongst your staff.

Encourage your staff to make use of their sick leave. Too often we have seen “committed” employees “battling through” when clearly they should have been home in bed. While being a dedicated employee is admirable, they are often unwittingly spreading the effects of their cold to their colleagues, leading to a less productive workplace all around. What will be the next effect on your business?

Colds and Flu are an inevitable part of working in close proximity with others. While for most of us, a cold is more annoying than debilitating, for others, exposure can cause serious problems to under-lying medical conditions, both for the individual, and their extended family. Children or the elderly with respiratory illnesses are particularly vulnerable, as individuals undergoing certain treatments. The loss of productivity throughout a workplace can be a significant strain on a business, especially in these times of increasing competition and margin squeeze. As an employer or manager, your investment is significant; perhaps a modest investment in minimising the disruption caused through cold & flu absences is a solid insurance policy for this season.

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