Redundancy – the end or a fabulous new beginning?

At some point in most of our working lives we (or someone close to us) will have been made redundant.  While some may see this as a crushing blow, the reality is that a redundancy may just be the gateway to a fabulous new opportunity.  Below are some of the “upsides” of a redundancy!


A redundancy payout may be a “once in a life-time” opportunity for a positive financial position.  Take that long anticipated trip or pay a chunk of your mortgage – make your payout work for you! Talk to a bank or trusted advisor to maximise your payout benefit.  

Comfort Zone 

Perhaps you have become complacent and content in your comfort zone.  A change, may just be the boost that you need. 

Develop New Skills 

Even a similar role in a different company may be an opportunity to learn new skills.  Embrace this as a chance to stimulate your mind and challenge yourself. 

Meet New People 

We spend more time with our work colleagues than our family, so why not enjoy the chance to meet some new friends? 

Career Check 

Maybe this is the ideal time to try something completely new!  Think about returning to studies, or taking up a role that may have been a secret passion for far too long. 

Winding Down 

Depending on financial needs and other responsibilities, a redundancy may be the ideal opportunity to reconsider part-time work or early retirement.   

Whatever the circumstances, the period following a redundancy can be stressful, but there is light ahead, and more often than not, that light is so much better.   

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