Customer Service- Are You Walkin’ the Walk or Just Talkin’ the Talk?

Almost everywhere you go, companies are boasting of their commitment to Customer Service. But do they really practice what they are saying, or do the bold mission statements just look good on the wall? Here are a few ways to test to see if you and your team Walk the Walk, or just Talk the Talk.

    1. Who is responsible for Customer Service in your organisation? The correct answer is EVERYONE! From the person who greets you at reception (if you have one!) right through to the CEO.
    2. Do your “frontline” staff have the authority to resolve customer complaints? If not, why not? Customers need to feel they can have an issue resolved without having to jump through corporate hoops. (Who hasn’t had a bad experience being put through to successive departments and ending back at the place you started? GRRR!!!) Give your staff the authority to make decisions, supported by the training to do so.
    3. Would your customer’s recommend you to their family and friends? Have you ever asked them this question? If not, why not? A satisfied customer can be your greatest advocate…. A dissatisfied customer can potentially destroy your business. Regular customer surveys are a brilliant and cost effective way to remain engaged with your customers, but remember to have an action plan to follow up any issues and communicate the outcome.
    4. Does your company have a Service Excellence Award? How impressive do these awards look on your reception foyer walls?   We particularly LOVE seeing happy, smiling faces proudly looking out at us- even better when everyone in the company is eligible to be recognised for the part they play in the company success.
    5. Are you satisfied with your customer service policy? Never! Successful companies are CONSTANTLY looking at ways to improve their customer service. Your bar should be continually raised- snooze and your competitors will overtake you.


Based on your answers to these questions, do you actually Walk the Walk when it comes to your Customer Service? If not, stop talking and start doing. Don’t know where to start? Why not talk to us about our tailored training packages to get you doing more than just Talking the Talk!


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