Dear Santa,

I don’t want the latest gadgets or a fancy new car,

I don’t need a new office, complete with a mahogany bar

I don’t want a junket to a tropical resort And will pass on the Courvoisier Brandy and the top shelf port

My needs are quite simple, but honest and true I work on this all year, but could do with some help from you.

Santa, All I want for Christmas is for my staff to know that I:

Value each team member as individuals

Appreciate their efforts

Want them to feel challenged and have a sense of achievement

Will continue to work hard to ensure the environment is a happy and enjoyable one

Welcome their input and appreciate that they know their jobs better than we do

Are proud of their successes and will celebrate with them

Never take their health and safety for granted

Strive to provide them with the financial security for them and their families

Hope they all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year.

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