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It’s that time of the year where we begin to set goals for the upcoming New Year.  We would passionately proclaim, “This is my year! I will lose weight!” or “I will find a job I love.” Then sometime around mid-January, that summer sun hits. We go on holidays or find ourselves around a pool or on a beach sipping margaritas and enjoying time with our friends…you know, the usual necessary distractions.

How do you set goals and stick to them you ask! Find a quiet place and answer the following questions. Don’t feel forced to complete all the questions at once. You may also need to seek input from someone in your circle.

Review your long term career goal.

  1. Are you at least two steps closer along your defined career path to reach your goal?
  2. What work related challenges or personal obstacles were you faced with in 2019 that prevent growth?
  3. What accomplishments and/or progress was made in 2019?

Review your list of goals for 2019. Of the ones that were accomplished:

  1. Did they bring you joy?
  2. Did you take time to celebrate?
  3. What was the catalyst for achieving these goals?

Of the ones that were not met:

  1. What challenges prevented you from meeting these goals?
  2. What’s one thing you could have done differently to get closer to meeting your goals?
  3. Did you enlist the help of an accountability partner?
  4. Were your goals visible?
  5. How frequently did you review your goals?

We hope these simple questions enlighten you to find your true goals for 2020.

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