Top Tips to Make the Shortlist.

Although competition for good candidates is at its greatest for decades, there are still some basic principles to make sure your CV makes the shortlist.  Here a few that are high on our list:

  1. Be Realistic. Enthusiasm and ambition are admired, but make sure you have the experience and any “must have” qualifications or licences clearly listed on your CV.
  2. One Size Does NOT Fit All.  To make an impact, your CV should mirror the roles you are applying for.  If you are interested in different styles of roles, have a couple of CVs that you can tweak to suit. 
  3. Results Speak.  In sales, commercial and management roles, your success should be your headline. Focus on achievements, particularly those that are measurable and relevant to the role you are applying for.
  4. Presentation Counts.  Fancy graphics, text boxes and paragraphs of prose not required. Remember that we view your CV on a range of different platforms. What may look good on a full sized monitor could be completely distorted when viewed on a tablet or mobile.  Clear headings and well-constructed bullet points are winners.
  5. Be Responsive. If you have gone to the effort to apply, should be (reasonably) available to discuss your application. Make sure you have voicemail enabled AND CHECK IT. If necessary, propose a time for a returned call in your lunch hour or after hours. If you have changed your mind, or secured another role, send a message to that effect.  You never know when our paths may cross again!

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