The Modern Office of 2022

Some of us have been incredibly fortunate to have been able to work remotely for the best part of 2 years. As we are moving into the transitional phase of living with Covid, it’s time for many of us to return to offices in our cities and inner suburbs. But will everything go back to “Normal”?  Probably not. Instead, we will most likely settle into a new hybrid style of work comprising set days in the office and the rest working remotely.

The benefits of returning to the office are obvious for many.  The opportunity to collaborate in person, sharing ideas without the dog moving in the background or the cat walking across the keyboard. The genesis of ideas, riffing around a conference table or furiously drawing on the whiteboard does not really work via Teams or Zoom…. particularly if the internet connection is slow. Similarly, having the opportunity for casual conversations and general networking within a company can only occur when people are back on site.

For others, returning to the office is not an inviting proposition. Provided you have an autonomous role plus the workspace, returning to the office offers no benefits, but only the angst and cost of returning to the daily commute. The work at hand can be done efficiently and productively, especially if the distractions and disruptions commonly experienced in offices is absent. Add the flexibility of a short break for the school pick up and the work from home option is very attractive.

Both models have disadvantages too.  Crowded trains or congested roads are not appealing, while working from home tends to blur the line at what constitutes the end of the workday.  You never actually pack up to go home…

We suspect the answer will be a blended office/ home model, potentially 3 days in the office and 2 days working from home.  Our cities would once again have the life and soul that has been noticeably absent while still giving us the element of choice and control over our work.

What plans have been discussed at your workplace for the return on site?  Are you happy with this, or will it prompt you to look at options elsewhere?  We’d love to hear from you and share your stories on our website… anonymous of course! 

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