Spring Clean Your Career

Spring is here…..finally! I know, I have been counting down since the beginning of winter! As our thoughts turn to warmer days, shorter skirts and Christmas holidays, NOW is also the perfect time to do a thorough audit on your career. A Career Audit??? Seriously??? Yes!

Where does one start on a Career Audit? The first step is REVIEW: put aside some time and ask yourself 3 questions.

1. Where am I currently in my career? 2. What do I want to be doing? 3. What is missing for me to take the next step?

BE BRUTALLY HONEST! By critically reviewing your skill set, you may identify areas that will be essential for you to progress in your career, but are either lacking, or not sufficiently developed in your current role. Far from this being a “show stopper” now is the perfect time to work on these areas.

Step 2 in your career audit is ACTION PLAN. Once you have identified skills or experiences that you need to develop, set about identifying opportunities to get these necessary skills / experiences. This may include:

1. Undertaking additional study or external training courses – take the initiative yourself to improve your skill set. This is your career not your employer’s! 2. Being proactive in seeking opportunities in your current role to extend your responsibilities. Volunteer for a project or become involved in a cross departmental committee. 3. Seeking out a suitable mentor who can assist with your skill development. This may be a senior manager within your company, a relative, family friend or a community leader with appropriate experience in your field. 4. Involve yourself in organisations or associations outside of work. Often the management skills required in your local sporting club or service organisation are exactly the same as you would need in your professional career development.

Step 3. BE PREPARED….. Great- you have done the hard work and over time, updated your skills and expanded your experiences. Now you need to be ready to take advantage of any new career opportunity.

1. Make sure your résumé reflects the new career you. Your language should be around your capabilities and achievements, not merely a list of responsibilities overtime. Investing in the assistance of a professional résumé service may be worth considering. 2. Update your wardrobe. To get the part, you must look the part! A few smart purchases (without blowing the budget) can make all the difference as to how others perceive you and your suitability for a more senior role. 3. Go get ‘em!

Have you done a Career Audit? What did you find? We would love you to share your experiences with us.

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