Resign with Style

When you leave a job, the way you depart can leave a lasting impression on your colleagues, supervisors, and the company as a whole.

So just how do you go about it?

  1. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor: It’s important to schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your resignation. This shows that you respect their time and value their input.
  2. Be honest and direct: When discussing your resignation with your supervisor, be honest and direct. Explain your reasons for leaving and offer any suggestions for a smooth transition.
  3. Provide notice: Providing your employer with adequate notice is a sign of professionalism. Typically, two weeks’ notice is standard, but you may need to provide more time if your job requires a longer transition.
  4. Offer to help with the transition: Offer to help your employer with the transition by training your replacement or completing any outstanding projects.
  5. Thank your employer and colleagues: Take the time to thank your employer and colleagues for the opportunities and experiences you had while working with them. It’s important to maintain positive relationships with your former colleagues as they may become valuable professional contacts in the future.

By leaving on good terms and maintaining positive relationships will increase the likelihood of future success in your career.

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