Ready for your Close-Up? The Art of Nailing the Online Interview

Welcome to the brave new world of the online interview.  Once reserved as the option of last resort, Zooming or Teaming your job interview is the new norm…. at least for a while.  Embrace the technology available and get set for the performance, possibly for your career.  Here are some Director’s notes to help you:

Learn your lines:   Seems obvious, but make sure you can articulate your experiences and the value you would add if given the gig.

Location, Location, Location:  Think about your surroundings.  Make sure you have a quiet place with adequate space for your laptop, tablet or if you must, phone. If you MUST interview from a bedroom, make sure your bed is not included in the shot. 

Check your equipment:  PLEASE check your audio before the interview.  Charge the battery on your device, and wherever possible, make sure your internet connection is good.  Always have your phone ready, just in case technology fails.

Costumes:   As much as it has been comfortable wearing a warm hoodie when working from home, this is an interview and your attire should reflect this.  For most roles, Friday Business Casual is appropriate. 

Extras:  The unwanted cameo appearance of family members, including furry friends is distracting to all parties.  Close the door and put your mobile on silent.

Lights, Camera, Action!  Make sure you have adequate lighting.  Check that your face is not in shadow, and the camera angle is flattering.  (Hint: sit up straight and look directly at, not down). Keep eye contact with your webcam to show your active engagement in the process.  Finally, let your passion and personality shine through!

Whether you are new to technology or use it daily, online interviews are likely to be with us for some to come.  Embrace the opportunity and make it work for you.  Good Luck!

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