Nailing the Skype Interview

Thanks to technology, interviews can take place virtually anywhere, anytime. Nailing the Skype interview is as easy as 1,2, 3…

1) Do a Tech Check. Do a sound and vision check ahead of your interview time. Your device should be fully charged and you should have your mobile phone ready beside you…just in case.

2) Prepare a Quiet Place Imagine a herd of elephants tramping through an office interview – your family going about their day to day business can sound exactly the same. Make sure you are in a quiet, well lit room.

3) Dress Appropriately You may be interviewed in the comfort of your own home but remember to still dress appropriately. You can still wear your slippers, but wearing your PJs is definitely a no go.

Remember to have your notes and a glass of water nearby. A Skype interview is generally shorter than a face to face interview, and is usually less formal. Regardless of the medium, a Skype interview is still an interview, so remember to put your best foot forward and nail that job!

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