I Don’t Have All the Qualifications – Should I Still Apply?

You are excited…you have just read an ad for your dream job.  The pitch is right, the responsibilities are exactly what you have been looking for BUT you do not possess ALL the qualifications that are listed.  Should you still put in an application???  Of course you should!  

Any company seeking to hire new staff have a definite “wish list” of qualifications and experiences they are looking for.  Some of these are absolute MUST HAVES and will usually relate to qualifications or licences that are a legal requirement for the position.  (E.g. Trade qualifications or Industry Certifications), while others are more properly classified as preferable. 

Take a moment to honestly reflect on your own situation. You may hold part qualifications and be in the process of completing these, or be looking to undertake further study to achieve certain industry accreditations.  Alternatively, your skills and experiences may be in a parallel field and would readily be transferable given the right opportunity. 

Sometimes companies are willing to invest in training new employees, upskilling them to the required levels.  In other cases, there may be alternative roles within the business that you could be a good match for, but for which the company has not yet commenced recruiting for. 

In this highly competitive market, both employers and prospective employees need to take a broader view in the hiring process.  If a candidate can tick off at least 80% of the job requirements, there is a very good chance that he/she could be the right candidate for the job.  Over the course of my recruitment career, I have met many exceptional candidates, and placed them in roles offering them personal satisfaction and growth. I can guarantee that none of these have been the “perfect candidate” if measured by the exacting job criteria list!  What they have all had in common was the right attitude and cultural match for the business, together with the willingness and capacity to develop the additional skills that were required. 

Take the chance!  Just make sure that your résumé is tailored to highlight the skills for the particular role, and that you include a brief cover letter which explains what you could bring to the business.  This could just be YOUR dream job after all.

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