Help Wanted – Mentors Needed for Professional Growth

When do we stop learning? NEVER! No matter where you are on your career path, the value of a good mentor can never be underestimated. But where do you find a good mentor?

Firstly, decide what you are looking for in a Mentor. Are you looking to develop specific skills or are you looking for guidance and wisdom based on experience? Would you benefit from a one on one relationship or can you model yourself on a leading industry figure?

Depending on what you need, the next step is to look around you. Who do you know within your network? Is there a manager in your workplace that would be willing to help you, or perhaps a family friend or relative that you admire? Consider your local community; organisations such as your local Rotary or Lions Club, the Freemasons or a local business network are a fabulous well of knowledge and experience where you may find someone willing to take on a mentor role.

Finally – be prepared to work and challenge yourself. A mentor can give you all the help and advice in the world but the responsibility to act depends on just one person – YOU.

Have you ever been worked with a Mentor, or perhaps have Mentored a young talent? We would love to hear and share your stories.

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