Considering a Career Change? Why NOW is Your Best Opportunity!

If you are lucky enough to be having some time off, quite possibly you will have engaged in the annual Australian pastime of longing for a career change until holiday dreaming ends and reality returns.  You head back to work, and dreams of a new career are packed up with the Christmas tree decorations.

This year, things are very different.  For the first time in a very long period, the balance has swung in the candidates’ favour.  Two years into the pandemic and international border closures has seen a quantum shift in the dynamic.  International students have yet to return in any significant numbers, and skilled migration numbers are at an all time low.  While this is not good news for many businesses, it has created a unique window of opportunity for individuals already residing in Australia to capitalise on their career opportunities.

With media chatter about the “great resignation” across the globe, talented individuals should take advantage of exploring new opportunities while competition is comparatively low.  Key fields including engineering, trades and manufacturing, as well as speciality roles that require on-site expertise (i.e., cannot be performed remotely), are in high demand. Keen to kick-start their businesses, employers are actively engaged in recruiting, creating a win/win scenario for qualified local talent ready for new challenges.

If you have been thinking of a career change, NOW is the time to dust off and update your CV, making sure you reflect the critical needs employers are seeking.  As experienced and professional recruiters, we offer either a full service package with a tailored resumé from scratch or a review and comment service.  For details, please email or contact us on 03 95715041

Happy New Year- Happy New Career.

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