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Have you dreamed of being the head of a nimble yet all encompassing organisation? Seeking a role that will utilise all your skills plus provide you with ample scope for continual learning and evolution?  Agile enterprise with huge potential requires a hands-on leader to guide and develop their team.

This role will require:• Expertise in negotiating between competing stakeholders• The ability to adapt and repurpose resources, usually on short  notice• Logistics expertise including being in multiple places at the same time• Exceptional communication skills, with a particular focus on expert characterisations and mind-reading• The culinary expertise and the creative flair for disguising dishes of Heston Blumenthal• The patience of a saint & the ability to master any challenge with flair• Boundless energy and unconditional love.

In return, you will be rewarded with love, kindness and memories to cherish for a lifetime.  

We recognise your commitment is absolute and the returns are priceless.  


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