Not Getting Interviews? Your Social Media Profile could be the Cause.

Know someone who seems to be the perfect candidate but can’t even crack the interview round? Of course you do – we all do. And they are usually great people – the life and soul of any party. Well perhaps that could be the problem! More than ever before we are living our lives in the public domain. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram keep us connected BUT they are also an easy research tool for any prospective employee.

But what I do in my private life should be private right? Not if you splash your drunken crusades across your FB page it’s not. Increasingly, prospective employers are checking FB profiles of candidates, sometimes finding things that turn them off straight away.

Unless you are applying for a role where a party girl/ guy persona is great, then seriously think about auditing your social media profile BEFORE you apply for roles.


  • Make extreme comments – avoid discussing SEX, RELIGION & POLITICS
  • Follow or “LIKE” Groups or Pages that have extreme views – you may be guilty just by association
  • Post “compromising” photos- this includes making sure your friends don’t tag you passed out drunk or lecherously leering into the camera. Any reference to drugs is an instant fail.
  • Use obscene language, gossip or back-stab. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” – how prophetic were our mothers?


  • Think about your privacy settings. Do you really trust your friends not to share something inappropriate?
  • Hide your tastes in music, TV, Films etc. GoT may be acceptable to most but Saw I , II & III…. really????
  • Share photos of you being active and outgoing. (avoid extreme sports though!)
  • Present yourself as a positive and supportive friend.

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